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High quality, realistic - colored pencil prints that compliment any decor. These archive quality prints are mailed flat for your use. FREE shipping within the United States!

Jim Wonderling - COlored Pencil Artist

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From a distance these colored pencil drawings can be mistaken for photographs, up-close Jims’ attention to detail is simply amazing and as beautiful, as the subject matter is in real life.

You really have to see one to appreciate it! - you will find beautiful images for every decor!

Not all prints are created equal

I offer some of the best quality and value on the Internet today. The wide diversity of my art subjects shows the level of my attention to detail. There are few colored pencil artists and none that match the mastery of what I have produced, especially at these prices.


Colored pencil drawings like these are rare. I have been awarded several National awards in the past few years. Purchasing my art promises value, quality and sound investment potential.


The paper is acid-free, archive quality. Assuring you years of like-new appearance. Inks used are UV safe, hanging these prints in direct sunlight should always be avoided.

Artwork prints


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Wolf in bedroom

Award winning artwork

Most art is only as good as the awards the artist receives. I have a history of producing art that has been judged as exceptionally crafted.

- 1992 Sports Car Magazine named Jim, "...worlds foremost racing artist..."
- 12 Best-in-Show awards, over 300 - 2nd, 3rd place, and Honorable Mentions.
- In 2011 & 2012, I received 4 National awards for my colored pencil drawings.
- I have had over 400 shows in five different countries.

chances are, THERE IS something you will love!


Animals found in nature and animals isolated on a solid background - I have a large selection to choose from.

Celebrity Icons in Black and White

Recently, I have been working on some of the more famous Hollywood faces.


Beautiful settings - most from specific locations.

Commissioned Art

Have an idea for a custom drawing of your car, loved one or pet? Let me know - use my contact form.

Northeast Georgia living - fall 2014

Art of the pencil - Jim Wonderling

Jim Wonderling, working in a studio at Awakening Fine Art on the square in Dahlonega, is one of a handful of color pencil artists in the Southeast. He masterfully creates images of nature, people, buildings, vehicles, and pets, capturing the gradations of a dog's muzzle, the nuances of a bird's feathers or the complexity of a motorcycle. 


Over 57 years experience

I started my artwork career one week out of high school. Spent my first 4 years doing pastel portraits of people. After being discovered by a show business/auto racing agent, I spent the next 26 years traveling the world doing auto racing art. Then in 1992, after leaving the auto racing world, I changed my art medium to colored pencils and my artistic focus on the many subjects available for sale. In all, I have been creating art for most of my life, over 45 of those years, professionally.

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